About the ATCC

The aim of ATCC is to promote Azerbaijani culture and traditions in Estonia. ATCC helps make the Azerbaijani culture, music and art available to the widest possible audience in Estonia. 

The Azerbaijan Trade and Cultural Center (ATCC) was founded to promote mutual understanding and cooperation between Estonia and Republic of Azerbaijan.
The EACC hosts exhibitions and small-size cultural performances in ATCC. These exhibitions and performances feature renowned Azerbaijani musicians and artists and create a unique opportunity for the rich Azerbaijani culture to find its way to Estonia. Through the language of music and arts, the Chamber creates an environment for better understanding of Azerbaijan in Estonia. 
Some of the exhibited artwork is also for sale. We present you the most authentic and beautiful rugs and artwork from Azerbaijan, which can also decorate your homes and offices.

Azerbaijan Trade and Cultural Center offers significant benefits and expands the mission of the EACC.
The EACC has become a landmark for promoting cultural ties between Estonia and Azerbaijan and is proud to display the flags of both countries as a symbol of Estonian-Azerbaijani partnership and cooperation.
The Azerbaijan Trade and Cultural Center is made possible with a generous contribution from the following individuals and corporations:
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