The Estonian-Azerbaijan Business Directory is an annual publication providing detailed contact information about EACC members as well as relevant government, business, and international organizations in Estonia and Azerbaijan.
EACC BUSINESS DIRECTORY is a publication that provides reference information to businesses interested in Azerbaijan. This publication covers Azerbaijan’s economic potential, history, and transition to a free market economy. It attempts to facilitate investors’ entry into Azerbaijan’s market by supplying them with up-to-date practical information and solid leads

The directory also includes information about the EACC and Estonian–Azerbaijan relations, as well as an Azerbaijan Fact Sheet. 
The Estonian – Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce distributes an online newsletter informing the EACC membership and its wider audience about important political and economic developments in Azerbaijan and the Caspian region.  The newsletter is based on a compilation of news stories that are written by news agencies, newspapers, respective authors, and other informational sources.  The editors at the EACC choose selective information for the newsletter, which is specially tailored to the interests of its audience and highlights business opportunities in Azerbaijan.