Entry to Estonia expanded

31. märts 2008

The Baltic Times in cooperation with BNS

TALLINN– As of April 1, Latvia will start issuing entry visas for Estonia under a visa representation agreement in the capitals of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

"To facilitate application for a visa, a system has been devised under which one Schengen country can represent another in the issuing of visas," director general of the Foreign Ministry's consular department Lauri Bambus said. "Such opportunities were not available for Estonia prior to accession to the Schengen zone."

Estonia has a representation agreement in place with Finland as well, which covers Tunisia, the United Arab Emirates, the Philippines, Indonesia, Namibia, Peru, Serbia, Syria, Thailand and Tanzania. Finland will also start representing Estonia in Egypt and Iran in the near future.

As of January 1 this year, Hungary represents Estonia in issuing visas in Moldova.

Germany has agreed to represent Estonia in Angola, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Botswana, Cameroon, Cote d'Ivoire, the Dominican Republic, Ghana, Jamaica, Madagascar, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Trinidad and Tobago, and Uganda.

Estonia will soon be ready to issue visas for Finland in Minsk and the Russian town of Pskov.