President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev receives delegation of Estonia

17. aprill 2004  Welcoming the visitors, the Head of Azerbaijan State has expressed satisfaction with the meetings and negotiations the delegation held in Baku. "We want to develop comprehensively our relations at all levels", the President said. "Our countries earlier being in one country, after its disintegration have found independence of which dreamed so much, have received the right to dispose the destiny". The President of Azerbaijan has called pleasant successes in the political and economic development, achieved both by Estonia and Azerbaijan in the period of independence. As the President has stated, it once again testifies to correctness of the way of development chosen by our countries within last 12 years.

In Azerbaijan, with enthusiasm we have apprehended successes of Estonia on ways of integration to the European structures, its active participation in the international organizations. "Azerbaijan, too, goes on this way and is actively integrated into the international structures", President Ilham Aliyev emphasized. "But the situation in our country is aggravated with aggression on the part of Armenia as a result of which 20 percent of territory of the state has been occupied, over on million of people have been ousted from their homelands. "But we trust, justice will win and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, too, be restored", the President underlined.

Development of bilateral relations is equitable to interests of two countries, and for this purpose, the Head of Azerbaijan State has noted, there is more potential in economy, in the sphere of political consultations. The Azerbaijan Diaspora of Estonia actively participates in the political life of the country, is represented in parliament that also will serve the cause of rapprochement between peoples of two countries.

The Minister on population affairs of Estonia P.E. Rummo, having thanked the Head of Azerbaijan State for warm reception, informed, that in staff of their delegation the members of parliament are members of group of friendship between Azerbaijan and Estonia. He has emphasized, that Azerbaijanis of Estonia, are true patriots of the country, and " we feel support of Azerbaijanis in all undertakings".

Speaking about prospects of the Azerbaijani-Estonian cooperation, the minister has noted that realization of joint projects, in particular, in sphere of programs of the European Union is possible.

Chairman of the State Committee on Work with Azerbaijanis Living Abroad Nazim Ibrahimov participated at the reception.