Why join?

Estonian-Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce is organised as an association based on membership. The member fee covers the costs in connection with implementation of the various activities offered to the EACC members.

The EACC is a vibrant and reactive organization, responsible for providing excellent connectivity and reach for its Membership and Corporate Partners.
With a multitude of communication channels the EACC aims to put your business in touch with potential clients, investors and business partners in Estonia, Azerbaijan and indeed the rest of the world.

When you become a member, our EACC management will come and meet with you and collate the relevant information required to build up a picture of your company, its services and its future plans.

Should you wish, this information will be made available, via our communication channels to a host of potential business and investors.
This information will also allow us to understand better who you are, so that relevant enquiries received from Estonia and overseas can be directed to your door.

The EACC also organises a host of events to entertain the EACC membership. These events are valuable meeting places and forums for business to business, but ultimately excellent fun and very good value for money.

To summarise, the EACC is here to expand your business horizons and opportunities in a number of ways:

Knowledge and Information

We monitor important events and economic developments in Estonia - Azerbaijani relations, within Azerbaijan and the region, which are vital to make critical business decisions.  This information is delivered to our membership as a newsletter via e-mail.  Members also have access to daily news and updates through the EACC website. The website also contains laws on business, government contacts, analytical reports and country assessments by international organizations, trade leads, and tenders.
We also identify timely topics and invite executives and decision-makers to address these issues from different perspectives, which provide our members with first-hand information and knowledge.  Our wide range of programs such as conferences, seminars, and special briefings, look at different issues and suggest objective and practical assessments.

Business Opportunities, Contacts and Networking

We provide our members with direct access to business leaders and government officials in both countries who are essential to their business development efforts.  By attending our annual meeting, conferences, seminars, business luncheons and forums, you will hear from business executives and government leaders, as well as industry experts on subjects of interest and have excellent networking opportunities.


Members will be listed in the membership directory, including the database that gives preferential exposure to all companies and governments requesting business contacts.  As a new member, your company will also be highlighted in an announcement broadcasted to the whole membership.  Your company will also be featured in the EACC website, along with a company profile and hyperlink to your company‚Äôs website.  You may also choose to advertise as a sponsor of the website or place an advertisement in EACC Investment Guide.
The diverse services of the Chamber enable you to choose the level of visibility that matches the role your company plays in trade and investment activities in Azerbaijan and Estonia.

Business Etiquette and Customs

Customs and business etiquette vary from one country to another.  In this respect, Azerbaijan is no exception.  Despite certain cultural similarities with neighbouring countries, Azerbaijan has a number of distinct traditions that the savvy businessperson should be aware of.  Knowledge of these inter-cultural basics will enable you to succeed in this country, which has historically stood at the crossroads of Western and Eastern cultures.  Keeping cultural factors in mind will make you more competitive in this market.  We are proud to note, that different cultural organisations in Estonia and abroad in co-operation with EACC offers a unique opportunity to understand Azerbaijani culture, history, and traditions.